About us

download (1)We use the expression from one of our guest, “a gentleness of the past” … it is true, we like to make our guests happy, we like the idea that you feel comfortable, we like to see the surprise in your eyes when you see the environment that we have created thinking about our comfort and above all else we like to see you smile.

download (2)My name is Sergio and seven years ago I decided to return to my first profession and stay in my Hotel and my amazement, I rediscovered the pleasure of it. My experiences of travel and life have brought them all here at Villa Gaia and found excellent location, we have total freedom to the guests and interacting with them … travel memories add up to the stories, tales to the images, the images to relations, relationships to people and people to smile … everything begins and ends with a smile! Villa Gaia is not a hotel … it is a place “otherwise comfy”.

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